Transform Your Basement Space Into
An Entertainment Room

Remodel of your basement is one part of the home that, if done right,
can increase the value of your house greatly.


The remodel of your basement is one part of the home that, if done right, can increase the value of your house greatly. There are many ways to best utilize the space in your basement and it can be a tough choice in picking the best option. Depending on the size of the basement, you could transform your basement space into an entertainment room filled with a pool table, big screen, or wet bar. You could create a space for more guest bedrooms and storage, or turn it into a soundproof area where you can practice your musical talent. The list goes on, but in the end, the basement needs to be comfortable and an effective use of space that will make your life easier. It is one of the colder areas of the house and our experience and skills will use all the exact tools to make your basement energy efficient and warm. If you’re looking to personalize the space in your basement, either developing an unfinished basement or giving your basement an update, we have the best solutions and professional knowledge to accomplish a comforting & improved life style.

Basements Renovation Services We Provide:

Flooring & in-floor heating
Lighting, electrical & plumbing
Counter tops
Cabinets & storage
All plumbing fixtures installation
Ventilation & heating
Hot water tank
Stairs & Railings
Interior Structural Changes
Appliance installations
Framing & concrete work
Windows and more


  • As a past and present customer of Westerly Homes, I have had the pleasure of knowing Duane Collin and his employees for the last three years. Duane, his sub-contractors and employees have been tremendous. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Westerly Homes for anyone wishing quality renovation work …

    Bradley M.
  • We have used Westerly Homes as contractor and consultant on projects we have done to our home over the past two summers (2011 and 2012). In 2011 we rebuild our backyard including a deck, patio, fixing some grading problems, relocating a shed and installing sod. Duane was instrumental in finding contractors and directing us to the suppliers that could get us the products we wanted and needed and directed us to better and higher quality items when appropriate and/or necessary. I did the bulk of the work on this project with only the grading being done by a contractor. Duane worked with me to coach and direct and let me do the work as I wanted to proceed. We are very pleased with how our backyard turned out.

    Clare and Kristine P.
  • We have engaged the services of Westerly Homes for three separate large-scale projects in recent years. Duane Collin of Westerly Homes replaced garage doors, including remodeling for larger doors; replaced siding with brick and put a new roof on our acreage home.When we moved to the city, it was natural that Westerly Homes is who we contracted with to complete the development of the basement and the garage. At our second home in the city, Duane oversaw the minor repairs, painting projects and garage finishing that were necessary before we moved in.

    Michael and Gayle E.

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