Home Renovations

When it comes to improving your space, there are many things you need to factor in to accomplishing the right look and feel. Everyone knows that beauty is usually the first thing that catches the eye, however, the visual appeal is only fraction of the job. You probably have heard of horror stories where a homeowner hires on a company to take on their renovation project and results of the aesthetic looks are gorgeous, but once they start using the space, everything behind the walls or in front of them starts to fall apart. That is something we have come across too many times.

Westerly Homes does it right the first time. Our superior skills and professional knowledge will factor in the functionality, the usefulness, the flow and dynamic of space, and of course, the beautiful appeal. In creating your private and public space, we want to enhance the area with elegance while integrating practical design elements. We want to help you build a gathering place that provides a cozy and casual feel.

By using top quality products, that are installed by trusted and highly skilled workmanship, durability and reliability are uncompromisable. Our many years of experience in the industry gives us the upper hand in knowing how to deal with an outdated project and coming up with inventive solutions. Before a job begins, we make sure all factors complement each other when it comes to updating your home. Skipping any steps is a big no in our books. Our commitment is to attain your vision by following all safety and standard codes, and keeping in mind, the longevity and low maintenance of your space.

We offer nine stunning pre-designed plans from Design Ex, a local company who services in residential design and drafting. Their collection of ranges from luxury homes, spacious family and multi-unit houses, estate and country style living, and cottage layouts. Our team personally picked 9 models that express open living space, excellent functionality, and opulent features.

You will find each layout does not shy away from spacious living. Every room accommodates or services all your individual or family needs. Laundry rooms, games room, and large walk-in closets are just few of the spaces that can be found in most of the models. Whether it is entertaining, doing extensive house choirs, or utilizing storage space, every home provides convenient arrangements and features, while, embodying elegance and beauty.

Office Construction

Give your workplace an aesthetic update it deserves. Customers or clients should walk into a welcoming environment and employees should work in a comfortable yet functional space.



The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. The effective use of space and functioning purpose of all your kitchen features are essential when it comes to the flow of your kitchen…



In dealing with many outdated bathrooms, we know first-hand that the bathrooms are the one area of the house that require special attention…



Whether it is a simple bathroom remodel or a build from a blueprint, we provide clients with our expertise, skills and knowledge….


Exterior & Roofs

As a smaller company, we establish a relationship directly with our customers and apply great attention to their goals. In doing so we avoid the problems…


Home Extensions

Overall, our mission is for clients to receive the highest level of service and realistic timelines without the hassle that is normally associated with new home construction…


Consultation & Site Evaluation

Choose your pre-designed package. We will then meet at the site and evaluate and inspect the lot to see what we have to deal with when building your custom home. We make sure no zoning by-laws, permits or building codes are obstructed in the process of building the home. If we come across any restrictions or limitations that conflict with your plans, we will come up with recommendations or alternative solutions to best meet your needs.

Budget & Design Agreement

Any requested customizations or modifications to the pre-design will be discussed with our project manager. At this stage, any colors, fixtures, fittings and finishings can be chosen to help us build a preliminary quote. Our own professional interior designer can help you with any interior or exterior decisions. We will have an architect translate your specifications and wish list into the Viceroy architectural blueprints. The blueprints will be reviewed by an engineer and any other necessary site-related personnel to give any building and structural input. This will ensure the design follows a safe and built-to-code standard. All necessary permits and applications will be taken care of by our team. When the design plan is finalized, we can build a quote that fits within your budget

Finalized Contract Agreement

When all final adjustments to design plans, specifications, and budget has been reviewed by the customer and project manager, a contract will be put forth. Our project manager will go over all the terms and agreements, and answer any further questions you may have. Once the contract is agreed upon and a deposit is given, construction will commence.


Laying the foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, etc. will take place. If specific interior or exterior elements of the house have not been chosen yet, our in-house interior designer can help you choose your selections including cabinetry, tiles, flooring, colors and any other decor. Any deviation from the budget allowance or specifications will be priced out at that time and confirmed with you as a change order on the contract. You will be kept updated on all progress; if you ever want to check on development or need to address any concerns or questions, our project manager can be reached to meet you or talk to you.

Completion & Walkthrough

When the project is almost completed, we will accompany you on a preliminary walkthrough to answer any of your questions and identify any concerns by the customer regarding minor changes or fine-tuning. The final walkthrough will follow upon full completion for quality assurance and to identify every feature of your home. We will familiarize you with the operational information and warranty coverage applicable, and fulfill the inspection procedure. You are ready to move into your new home!

Customer Care

Gaining possession of your new dream home does not mean we let go of you that easily. Westerly Homes implements a post one year warranty for any repairs or adjustments need to the home. If you have any questions or would like helpful information on the maintenance and features of your home, we will gladly be there to help in the following years. Extended warranty coverage is provided to the homeowner under the National Home Warranty Program with one year coverage for defects in material & labor, up to 5 year coverage for: structural defects (including defects in material & labor), defects in the load bearing structures, and structural damages that induce unliveable conditions.