About Westerly Homes

Starting with simple repairs and minor home renovations, Westerly Homes has grown from a small family business to employing support personnel of more than 20. Our staff embody loyalty and passion in what they do, ensuring every project is done to the highest standards; the job is more than a pay cheque to the Westerly Homes team.


Company Vision

To continue to establish Westerly Homes as an honest and reputable company and to ensure the success of the finished project and total satisfaction of our customers.



To turn building and remodelling dreams into reality as we focus on safety, innovation, quality and value. We are determined to build and maintain a trustworthy and respectful relationship with all customers and community.


Our Values

Hassle free project managers will be hands-on to oversee all work as the project proceeds, eliminating any setbacks and oversights which would lead to client frustration

New Home Construction? No Problem. Westerly Homes is all inclusive service provider, covering everything needed to build your home. We aim to build a home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

On-Time & On-Budget

From Renovations to New Home Building

Whether it is a simple bathroom remodel or a build from a blueprint, we provide clients with our expertise, skills and knowledge. Our team will make sure no corners are cut when it comes to completing a project in an efficient and timely manner.

Built to Code & Construction Standards

In various past projects we have dealt with jobs done by other renovation companies where the building standards and safety level of the job were not to code. This lead to the removal of the prior renovation and re-construction of the whole project to its intended plan, with proper built-to-code standards.

Full Service Construction Company

Westerly Homes is a full service construction company that specializes in custom home building and complete home and small commercial renovations. We assure that customers end up with the highest quality project and personal satisfaction.

Impeccable Service & Realistic Timeline

Overall, our mission is for clients to receive the highest level of service and realistic timelines without the hassle that is normally associated with new home construction or renovation projects. We achieve this by directly managing our reliable and experienced contractors, handling all design work, building approvals and permits, and using only top quality materials and labor.